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National Partners of the American Theatre

During the 1997 KCACTF National Festival in Washington, DC, Katie Robinson, past National Chair, called together a group of past and present KCACTF leaders.  

This group of 39 friends from across the country agreed that we should continue to support and expand the programs and opportunities provided by KCACTF. The following year, Ms. Robinson again convened the group, under the name KCACTF Distinguished Alumni. Dues were established and members were sought.

During the next three years, we experienced healthy growth in both membership and donations. In order to better achieve our goals, we began the process of incorporation as a non-profit organization. As part of that process, and to make the organization more inclusive, the adopted the name National Partners—American Theatre .

NAPAT was officially registered as a non-profit organization in May 2003, with this mission:
". . .to support activities of the next generation of theatre artists . . .to give support to significant educational theatre programs. [We] sponsor awards and scholarships in Theatre; serve as a resource for theatre organizations on the regional and national levels; donate monetary support for projects, (and) provide historical perspective to educational theatre organizations."