Getting Around at Festival
USCUpstate will be running free busses in a loop from The George (next door to the Marriott), Wofford College, Converse College, and the Upstate Campus. These busses will run all day and into the evening. A schedule will be posted on the web page and on Sched. (the app you can download to your phone) before the festival begins. All you need to ride these buses is to have your festival nametag.
In addition there will be a shuttle running from the outlying hotels to the Upstate Campus every hour and these will also run following the evening performances at the Twitchell Theatre on the Converse Campus.
Parking is available on all three campuses and at the Marriott. At registration please pick up a parking permit. You will need to park in the lots indicated by the campuses.
USC Upstate – on North Campus Blvd.
Wofford College – in the lot adjacent to eh Rosalind Salenger Richardson Center for the Arts. Please note that Wofford is also only two blocks from the Marriott if you need to park in their conference center lot.
Converse College – Parking in Fairview Parking lot on North Fairview Avenue during the day and that lot as well as the Twitchell Lot in the evening.
Spartanburg Marriott – free parking in the convention center parking lot.
Please remember we are the guests of these colleges and need to use the lots indicated as they are in full session while the festival takes place.

USC Upstate KCACTF Bus Schedule: Marriot (The George) > Converse > Wofford > Upstate > Marriot (The George)

Bus #1The George (adjacent to the Marriot) -   7:30 am (7:15 am  arrival)
Converse- 8:00 am
Wofford- 8:30 am
Upstate: 9:00 am
The George: 9:30 am
Converse: 10:00 am
Wofford: 10:30 am
Upstate: 11:00 am
The George: 11:30 am
Converse: 12:00 pm
Wofford: 12:30 pm
Upstate: 1:00 pm
The George: 1:30 pm
Converse: 2:00 pm
Wofford: 2:30 pm
Upstate: 3:00 pm
The George 3:30 pm
Converse 4:00 pm
Wofford 4:30 pm
Upstate: 5:00 pm
The George: 5:30 pm
Converse: 6:00 pm
Wofford: 6:30 pm
Upstate: 7:00 pm
Bus #2
Upstate CLC 7:30 am (7:15 am arrival)
The George 8:00 am
Converse: 8:30 am
Wofford: 9: 00 am
Upstate: 9:30 am
The George: 10:00 am
Converse: 10:30 am
Wofford: 11:00 am
Upstate: 11:30 am
The George: 12:00 pm
Converse: 12:30 pm
Wofford: 1:00 pm
Upstate: 1:30 pm
The George: 2:00 pm
Converse: 2:30 pm
Wofford: 3: 00 pm
Upstate: 3:30 pm
The George: 4:00 pm
Converse: 4:30 pm
Wofford: 5:00 pm
Upstate: 5:30 pm
The George: 6:00 pm
Converse: 6:30 pm
Wofford: 7:00 pm

Van Shuttle service to USC Upstate or The George (Marriott) for official satellite hotels
Van Shuttle #1 (Serving Courtyard Spartanburg and Best Western Plus)
7:00 am (6:45 am arrival) Courtyard
7:15 am Best Western Plus
7:30 am USC Upstate CLC
8:00 am Courtyard
8:15 am Best Western Plus
8:30 am USC Upstate CLC
9:00 am Courtyard
9:15 Best Western Plus
9:30 am USC Upstate CLC
10:00 am Courtyard
10:15 am Best Western Plus
10:30 USC Upstate CLC
11:00 am Courtyard
11:15 am Best Western Plus
11:30 USC Upstate CLC or URC
12:00 pm Courtyard
12:15 pm Best Western Plus
12:30 USC Upstate CLC or URC
1:00 pm Courtyard
1:15 pm Best Western Plus
1:30 pm USC Upstate CLC
2:00 pm Courtyard
2:15 Best Western Plus
2:30 pm USC Upstate CLC
3:00 pm Courtyard
3:15 pm Best Western Plus
3:30 pm USC Upstate CLC
4:00 pm Courtyard
4:15 Best Western Plus
4:30 USC Upstate
5:00 Courtyard
5:15 Best Western Plus
5:30 USC Upstate CLC
6:00 pm Courtyard
6:15 pm Best Western Plus
6:30 USC Upstate
Van Shuttle #2 (Serving Westside: Comfort Inn and Suites)
7:00 am (6:45 am arrival) Comfort Inn/Suites
7:30 am The George (Marriot)
8: 00 am Comfort Suites
8:30 am The George (Marriott)
9:00 am Comfort Suites
9:30 am The George (Marriott)
10:00 am Comfort Suites
10:30 am The George (Marriott)
11:00 am Comfort Suites
11:30 am The George (Marriott)
12:00 pm Comfort Suites
12:30 pm The George
1:00 pm Comfort Suites
1:30 pm The George (Marriott)
2:00 pm Comfort Suites
2:30 pm The George (Marriott)
3:00 pm Comfort Suites
3:30 pm The George (Marriott)
4:00 pm Comfort Suites
4:30 pm The George (Marriott)
5:00 pm Comfort Suites
5:30 pm The George (Marriott)
6:00 pm Comfort Suites
6:30 pm The George (Marriott)
7:00 pm Comfort Suites

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